Welcome to Goldarama

Welcome to Goldarama – the  most trusted gold and silver gold buy back company. We invite you to gather up your old, unused and broken gold and silver jewelry and turn it into CASH by mail (see ship to us, above). Recycling gold saves environmental damage from mining processes, too.

Each week, local Northwest residents have turned their outdated  jewelry…scrap gold, watches, coins – even dental gold into cash on the spot for prices that far exceed prices you would receive from the out of state gold buying companies or mail in establishments.

You can turn your unwanted, outdated and broken gold and silver jewelry into cash! What are you waiting for?

Goldarama the smart way to sell your gold!

How easy is it to sell your gold?

VERY. Fill out the form above, and we’ll send you a dandy envelope to send your old, unused jewelry to our licensed, bonded testers. It’s simple, fast, and insured! Hundreds of people have entrusted us with their old gold jewelry as we have been established in different region as the most trusted gold buyback source.

Goldarama is “direct to refinery”- meaning we pay no middleman mark-up. Your gold, silver and platinum is RECYCLED into reusable sleep aids alteril metal for manufacturing and other wholesale purposes. Mining for precious metals can produce very toxic waste- including arsenic and mercury used or mining. Goldarama’s promise to you is to preserve our precious resources and keeps pollutants out of our streams and valleys, by recycling your old gold and silver. This allows our grandchildren to inherit a cleaner environment… because you chose to recycle your gold, silver, and platinum.QUESTIONS? CALL US TOLL FREE AT 888-669-5739.

How much is my gold worth?

How much is your gold and silver jewelry worth?

Usually more than you think. We pay generously based on the daily price of gold on the commodities market.

You can find that here but to help you understand basic values, there are a few examples (the pictures to the left).

Your individual nexus pheromone cologne gold and silver must be weighed and graded for karat (percent of pure gold) for an accurate estimate amount. There are factors that fluctuate daily, so these are just representative.

Think of what you can use that extra money for instead of letting it sit in your jewelry box collecting dust!.

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